Saturday, September 10, 2011

Amy's Song - David Harsh

The day you slipped away
Was the day my pain arrived
And I wonder how my life would be
If you were still alive
There's an emptyness within me
That is crying out your name
And no matter what I ever do
I will never be the same

And all I want to know
Is are you happy now?
Are you in the arms of Jesus
Can you see my life somehow?
As I sit here making wishes
That time will not allow
Please tell me
Are you happy now?

I think about the memories
And the time I had with you
And I laugh about the games we'd play
And the things we used to do
There is so much left to tell you
That I never got to say
And there are words I wish I'd never said
That I cannot take away

I can't wait 'til I can see your face again
In the house of our Father
Where the joy will never end
I can't wait to hold you close to me
And tell you that I love you
We'll be together in eternity

So as I walk along without you
In the years that still remain
I will think about you often
And smile through the pain
'cause there's a part of me that's missing
When you left and went away
But a part of you remains in me
And I know that it will stay

I really like the feeling and sentiment of this song, even if David Harsh and I disagree concerning what happens to a person when they die.
You can listen to David Harsh sing this song on YouTube here.
You can read the on-line Bible study, "Are the Dead Really Dead?" here.

Remain faithful,