Saturday, February 9, 2008

Two Different Worlds

from the album Ten Commandments
by Steve Hamby

Sunset in My Rearview MirrorAll of my closest friends think I'm a fool
They laugh and call me names and sometimes they're cruel
I try to live my life by His Golden Rule
By all of their standards I know I'm not cool

photo by Code Poet

They try to make me think I'm not what I could be
I could have glamor and gold and then they'd be pleased
But I just don't have a need for their diamonds and pearls
They say I'm crazy and in my own world

Yes I'm in my own world where Jesus is king
And only his true sheep will know what I mean
I could have anything like diamonds and pearls
But I know I'm livin' in two different worlds

Sometimes they ask me why I live this way
I like to tell them the promise He made
That there is another world too good to be true
And He tailor made it for just me and you

And we'll have our own world where Jesus is king
And of his true sheep will be at his feet
We can anything not just diamonds and pearls
And that's why were livin' in two different worlds

This song strikes so close to my heart. All of my life people have told me that I could accomplish this or I could achieve that if I would just stop being so persnickety. "It's a gray area," they said. Stop being so peculiar. Just check your conscience at the door. Abandon your family. Make choices for self.

It's the tyranny of the "got to's." You've "got to" do what it takes. You've "got to" do it now. You've "got to" seize the moment because they'll pull out the Captain's chair for you only once....

- Dave

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