Monday, February 25, 2008

Close Your Eyes

by Buddy Houghtaling
from the album Mercy Road

open bible on pillow on bed by lampstandWhen I was just a little boy
I'd be out playing ball
Til the time the sun would set
And then I'd here my mother call
I'll go and put my glove away
Make sure I'd brushed my teeth
Give my folks a kiss good night
And try to go to sleep
But sometimes sleep just wouldn't come
As I'd replay the game
My mom would come and rub my back
And I'd hear her gently say

photo by wheat_in_your_hair

Close your eyes
Time to rest
I know your team got beat today
But I know you did your best
The day is gone
Night is falling
And I'll be calling when the sunlight hits the sky
It's okay child.
Chose your eyes

Later on in life
I was sleepless once again
When the girl I thought would be the one
Said I think we'll just be friends
My mom would try to comfort me
Try to make it be alright
Told me some day I would meet the one
That'd love to be my wife
As I lay there in the darkness
The world right at its end
I remember momma coming in
And I heard her words again

Close your eyes
Time to rest
Just leave it all in God's hands
It'll work out for the best
Day is gone
Night is falling
And I'll be calling when the sunlight hits the skies
It's okay son
Close your eyes

hand with an iv drip resting on a hospital bedSo many things she taught me
Went around inside my head
As I stood there in the hospital
Beside my mother's bed
She fought to live so valiantly
But her strength was getting low
The heaviness within her eyes
Said that it was time to go
She seemed to ask permission
As if she wasn't sure
I kissed her gently on the cheek
And I said these words to her

photo by Tim Samoff

Close your eyes
Time to rest
In showing us a mother's love
Know you're the best
The day is gone
The night is falling
But He'll be calling when the angels fill the skies
It's okay, Mom
Close your eyes
I'll see you there with open eyes

This song is from the album,
Mercy Road, by Buddy Houghtaling, and can be purchased at his website.

Buddy performs from time to time on 3ABN television.

I admire Buddy for being able to share and perform this song. As teary as I can get just listening, I can only imagine how difficult it would be to perform a song about your own mother's death. But, praise the Lord, when a loved one dies in the blessed hope and we can have confidence that we will meet them when the angels fill the skies (1Thes 4:16-17)

It seems quite fitting that the next song on the album is
Precious Lord Take My Hand.

- Dave

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