Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Out of this World Desktop Wallpaper

Tired of using the images that came with your computer for wallpaper? Why not download some out-of-this-world pictures?

NASA shuttle sts123 launches at nightA rare nighttime shuttle launch (STS123 - Endeavour)

One fantastic source of high-quality high-definition images is the NASA - Image of the the Day. This picture of the recent shuttle launch was originally 3.11 MB , though you can download smaller sizes, as well. Their images include Space Shuttle, International Space Station, and pictures returned from various space probes. Wonderful!

NASA pictures are generally in the pubic domain with some restrictions.

Another great place to find space pictures is The Astronomy Picture of the Day. Pictures from this site include some NASA images, as well as spectacular images from other sources. Copyrights vary depending upon where they get the image. There is a new image every day and the archive goes back several years.

Space Shuttle Endeavor docked to the International Space StationShuttle Endeavor as seen from the International Space Station, but from a different mission as the picture above.

Click the pictures to see a wallpaper-sized image.

Have these images been a blessing? Leave a comment and let me know!

- Dave

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