Friday, March 7, 2008

An Empty Chair

written by Steve Dickerson
performed by Hand Picked

I could never hope to tell the joys of Heaven.
There are wonders more than I will ever know.
But the Lord wants me to live with Him forever.
It's the only place I really want to go.

Christ Church CollegeChorus
When the angels start to sing
Hallelujah to the King
It will be a chorus far beyond compare
Then the greatest and the least
Will be seated for the feast
But there'll be an empty chair
If you're not there.

photo by Shellylyn

I expect to meet the saints from all the ages
And I'll see the ones I've loved that's gone before
We'll forget the years of trial and tribulation
As we share in Heaven's joys forevermore.


I'll explore the wonders of the new creation
As I'm looking for the friends that I once knew
And I hope that I will find you there in Heaven
There's a special place intended just for you.

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- Dave

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