Friday, December 21, 2012

No Room

Image "Knocking on Heaven's Door" courtesy of Flickr artist Vincent van der Pas

"No room," said the innkeeper,
And the Child was born in a stable.

Today that same Child stands at the door and knocks.
Will you, too, say "No room?"

-- David Jabs

This is, I think, my only original contribution to The Quote File and one of only two surviving poems that I have written.

When Jesus comes, he is the quintessential courteous Gentleman: he stands at the door and knocks.  He suffers the doorknob to be on the inside, with you, where you have the control to let Him in or keep Him out.

This is very different from the behavior of that seasonal charlatan that enters by stealth and without invitation and makes his way through sootier portals.

Merry Christmas!

edit:  This is actually my second original contribution.  I also wrote "Chartreuse Pillowcase" back during the wandering, caregiving years. 

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