Thursday, December 20, 2012

What News Is This?

What is this news that we've heard from afar?
News from the wisemen following a star.
A babe is born, no a king they say,
Lying in  a manger, cradled in hay.
Tell us what shall we do with this newborn child?
Lying in the manger so sweet and mild?
Hold Him close to your heart, yes hold Him tight,
Remember and ponder what you've heard this night.

Images The Nativity and Mary at the Foot of the Cross courtesy of Flickr artist Sharon Mollerus

What is this news in the streets they cry?
Crucify him, crucify him, but tell us why?
What has he done, why must he die?
We've watched him grow and become a man,
Can his death be part of this mysterious plan?
Tell us what shall we do with this dying one?
Believe that they baby, this man is God's son.
Fall at the foot of that forsaken tree,
Give Him your heart there at calvary.

What is this news they try to conceal?
He's accomplished the purpose He came to reveal.
The mysterious plan is now open to all,
Open your heart and answer His call.

-- C. Ramirez

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